Alaska Radioisotope Information Center
Seeking state/federal government accountability, radiation testing,
and public disclosure of documented low-dose health risks

City of Fairbanks Resolution: Calls for radiation testing by the State of Alaska, with public disclosure of all low-dose risks to public health. Resolution will be introduced Monday, March 10 at the 7:00 PM City Council meeting. Please testify.

Alaska caribou hunters: BEWARE! You face significant, but mostly undocumented radiological risk due to state and federal decisions to assume Fukushima won't affect U.S. residents, while dismissing all evidence to the contrary:

  • 2011 U.S. Department of Engergy testing revealed that a primary food source for Aleutian caribou/reindeer is too contaminated for human consumption in Japan.
  • Lichen on Adak and Amchitka contains Fukushima cesium 134/137 at levels far above 100 Bq/kg - which is Japan's food safety limit. See pages 96/97. (18 MB document).
  • How widespread and concentrated is Fukushima's radiation in caribou lichen across Alaska? The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation does not want to know, see their determination that Fukushima radiation is not a concern for Alaskans.
  • How much does radiation in caribou lichen concentrate and bio-accumulate, first in caribou, and then in humans? The state agency responsible for protecting our health is not interested (see link above).
  • The USGS documented precipitation with significant cesium contaminations at Dutch Harbor, Kodiak, and Juneau; 3/15/11to 4/5/11; see Tables on Pages 17 and 25.
  • EPA documented high concentrations of atmospheric iodine-131, cesium-134/137, and tellurium-132 passing over Juneau, Dutch Harbor, and Nome; 3/19/11 to 3/25/11; see Tables on Pages 3, 6, 10, and 12 of 14.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy's radiation testing program verifies that fish/game harvested from the Savannah River Site won't overexpose sportsmen. (See Section

Alaska seafood contamination levels remain low: Seafood retailers are foced by state and federal inaction to test/disclose the radiation content of their products, despite long term unknown risks:

Investigative journalism/Expose: Fukushima reactor design problems

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Parnell/Obama Alliance: Govenor Parnell joined the Obama Administration's effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions by subsidizing nuclear power's rebirth. Denial of Fukushima's impacts: Critical to the industry's reputation/revival.

Crumbling radiation protection standards: The historical U.S. focus on preserving public health has transformed into a political fortress shielding the nuclear industry

2014 Alaska Marine Science Symposium: Fukushima radiation a contributing factor to 2011 seal "unusal mortality event" in northwest Alaska. See Page 222. (4 MB document).

1990's seal "unusual mortality events" in the White and Barents Seas (northwest Russia) attributed to Soviet nuclear contamination in the Arctic Ocean.

Nuclear facilities worldwide: Designed (and allowed) to leak and sicken their neighbors, even during normal operation

Fukushima "hero": Masao Yoshida, plant manager who stayed with Fukushima, leading early earthquake mitigation efforts, died at age 58 of throat cancer.
Yoshida's selfless leadership likely prevented a far larger release, evacuation
of Tokyo, and more severe radiologic consequences in Alaska

U.S. Navy's Fukushima humanitarian effort triggers radiation illness among sailors: Review the lawsuit. See coverage by: Navy Times; and Stars and Stripes; and Japan Focus; and related Freedom of Information Act source documents.

US west coast infants: Many born with preventable hypothryoidism due to the federal government's non-existent response to Fukushima's initial atmospheric plume. See peer reviewed studies released in: March 2013, December 2013, and January 2014.

Genetic mutations caused by Fukushima: Artificial radionuclides from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant caused physiological and genetic damage to the pale grass blue butterfly.

  • Review criticism of this study. Especially note: 1) The discrepancies between the peer-reviewed article, and the author's criticisms, and 2) That Google searches reveal this author's prolific record attacking publications and authors who have identified links between chronic exposure to low dose radiation, and significant health effects.

Adopt an ocean near you: See how you can assist the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in monitoring the Alaskan coast near you, since the Federal Government has declared that "the solution to polution is dilution", when it comes to Fukushima contamination near you.

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